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    CS4 - change language (ppro+)?


      I have CS4 Czech version but need English.

      Earlier this year, I puchased CS4 Master Collection (Windows XP) - but the Czech version was shipped - unfortunately, I didn't realize this until recently when I went to install it.   Earlier this year before installing it, my personal computer went down.  I finally just had it fixed - you can imagine my surprise when I found that my only option to install was in the wrong language, Czech.  Naturally I called customer support who sent me to tech support who then sent me back to customer support - an infinite loop with the only out being to upgrade to CS5 for a large fee.   Not only did I just buy CS4 (earlier this year), but my system is 32 bit = 2 good reasons for not upgrading.  So now I seem to be stuck with Czech software - according to my wife, I am still struggling to learn English - so I hope there is a workaround for this?????????

      BTW - I have read Mylenium's tips for changing the language for After Effects (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/657200) - excellent stuff - hopefully there are similar suggestions for the other components of CS 4 Master Collection - especially the ones related to Video Editing (Premiere, Encore, Bridge, etc)