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    How to display Selected data from TextInput  only should be displayed in DataGrid

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I have lot of data on to my Datarid displayed with the help of An ArrayCollection as dataprovider .
      I want to use filtering Functionality of ArrayList .
      I have  a TextInput and when the suer enters some text , then i want only related data shpould only be displayed on to the DataGrid .
      I have tried this  , but i have struck up



      This is my ArrayCollection


      <mx:ArrayCollection id="arraycoll">






      This is my DataGrid


      <mx:DataGrid dataProvider="{arraycoll}" x="329" y="199" width="300" height="300" visible="true" >



      public function SearchData():void


      arraycoll.filterFunction = doFilter;


         private function doFilter(item:Object):Boolean {
                      var searchString:String = myTextIp.text.toLowerCase();


      // Need logic here



      <mx:TextInput id="myTextIp" name="SeacrhName"  change="SearchData()">


      For example if the user presses Ra on to TextInput then i want to display only as Ravi on to DataGrid .

      Please help .