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    overlapping colors

      I am creating a color wheel of sorts and am using a red, green, and blue circle converted to movie clips. I have the transparency set to about 70% on all of the circles. Where the red and green circles overlap, I am not getting a nice yellow like want. These circles will eventually be animated so the overlapping area will change in size and shape. Is there a way to program the overlapping area of the two circles to be a custom color?

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Using Flash 8+ ?

          Perhaps you can do the type of thing you want using blend modes....

          I just did a quick test overlapping R, G, B circles , and got something familiar looking.

          Try this approach:

          Put 3 moveclip circles on stage (stage has a white background), circles overlapping with R, G, B colours

          Select-all the circles and then apply a "Difference" blend mode. This gives you something familiar but not what you want.

          now right click them and create a new symbol with all three inside

          with the new symbol apply a blend mode of "Multiply" - this seems to give you the type of thing I think you want.

          BTW I don't know what I'm doing here... but it seems to work.
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            ... And to answer your question... if that is what you want. Then you could just use the same approach via actionscript, using the blendMode property
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              Thanks! I think that will work! I used your first suggestion, but if I have some time I would like to try it via ActionScript. Would I use creatEmptyMovieClip to place the three circles into? I still need to be able to animate the circles seperately.

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                Greg Dove Level 4
                Actually if you set it up via the authoring tool like that you don't need to use createEmptyMovieClip - and you blendModes are already set up so you could just concentrate on the animating part.

                If you were creating the clips dynamically there are 2 ways I can think of:

                a) Using createEmptyMovieClip - you would do this once for the parent and then three times inside that for each circle ( which you would need to draw using the drawing API).

                b) using createEmptyMovieClip for the parent and then attachMovie for the circle symbols from the library inside it.

                ...and just setting the blendMode properties as per the livedocs/help examples same as you did in flash authoring tool after you've 'created' or 'attached' each thing (and setting it on the parent clip too).

                It was an interesting question as I've not really used the blendModes for anything and I can see how this would really benefit for the type of thing you're doing.

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