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    Workflow recommendation


      I'm a 3d animator and all my stuff is rendered out as still image sequences. I have for years just imported these into premiere and worked on them directly as I haven't had much to do in the way of editing. Playback was choppy, but acceptable. I'm now doing a 1980p project that just kills premiere. I understand that gpu acceleration is only for playback so I want to change up my workflow to take advantage of cs5's gpu capabilities. I assume I have to encode the still sequences into something that plays nice with premiere. Any recommendations?   Ideally I would like to set it up so that I render my sequences out as stills, then import them into premiere which would automatically encode them into something it likes and then, when exporting, goes back to the original stills for the best quality. Is this easy / hard to set up? Even possible?  Or  Is there an essentially lossless codec I could use to encode my sequences so that I don't need to go back to the source when I'm rendering out?  Thank in advance for any help.  ps - I have a pretty high-end system with a fancy gpu if that has any effect on the best codec to use.

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          Kona Bob Level 2

          I have no experience with 3-D animation, but I use Cineform Neo 4K intermediate codec for all HD editing. The Cineform products have cutting edge 3-D features, including their First Light program which comes with the package.

          I don't know, when you refer to 3-D, if you are meaning 3-D as in Maya, or if you mean 3-D output, as in 3-D viewing.

          The Cineform 3-D features relate to the latter sort of 3-D, if you are actually outputting 2-D, Cineform will handle the footage for editing as it would any other HD footage. 

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            focomoso Level 1

            Thanks for the help, but I should have clarified. I mean 3-d as in 3d animation (as in Maya).