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    Multiple click boxes on the same slide. Failure captions enabled. captivate 4




      I am hoping someone will be able to help me.  I am using Captivate 4 to create a learning case study.  Basically, I have a range of areas a user will need to click before they are able to move/ continue to the next slide.


      I have recorded the slide as a video so each time the user clicks on the correct box the slide continues to play and then the slide will pause until the user clicks he second click box etc. As this is a learning activity I would like to give the user some handy tips/ point them in the right direction, therefore each time the user clicks on the incorrect click box they are presented with a failure caption. I can get the first click box to present a failure caption but the click boxes following this will not display a failure caption despite having this option ticked in it's preferences.


      Does anyone have any handy tips/ ideas how to solve this?