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    Frame rate vs extra frames

    stage-hand Level 1

      I'll try and get to the point asap as well as simplify the question. (Macpro)


      a) I downloaded a wmv and saved in quicktime

      b) Imported to photoshop cs4 extended

      c) Added layers which I then converted to frames

      d) I then went to export as a 264 and changed the frames rate and let's say to simplify that I changed from 30 fps to 60fps

      e) I played it back and it looked stranger than I thought it would

      f) I decided to re-import back into P/S and to my horror my original frames had babies! yep, they added frames


      So, first of all I going back to P/S and see if I re-import and revert back to original speed if it will subtract only the extra frames it added (I very much doubt it but gotta try).


      If I save my file at the original frame rate and bring it into PPR at the original frame rate and convert it will I have more babies? Or, will it keep the same frames?


      Also, if I am going to save in QT what is the best codec to save in? in my process I would like to project the final product (1280 x 720)


      TKS Gary