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    Flex/Air Access up/download to a relational DB - BLOBS

      I am coding an homebrew application to access a database of my personal photos (stored as jepgs) which is going to load up a gallery of thumbnails and then drop the original into illustrator/photoshop. My database is mysql with the jepgs stored as binary large objects and will be on a separate server to the laptop running the app. I have a layer of PHP dealing with the database access and then ontop I have an Air application. The point is going to allow me to load a thumbnail library of all my photos in the application, if needs be allow the application to load illustrator an then perform some editing and then the application needs to be upload the edited image back into the database. Ideally when I come to polishing the app I'll be looking at doing this through a drag/drop interface.
      I tried using Flex but couldn't get the app to call/load the local illustrator/photoshop application, so I moved it to an Air application and seem to be going okay apart from the fact I seem to be more limited in terms of the database access and the amount of files that the air app can pull out of the database at any one time and the ability to write back the photo from illustrator back into the database. Both Air and flex have ahd issues with dealing with BLOBS also.
      I'm pulling my hair out a bit trying to get this to operate and since taken a step back to re-look at my design and see if mysql with the php layer is the most efficient method for storage and 'talking' to either flex/air? i.e. Flex/Air receiving the data as BLOBS?
      Would something like coldfusion offer me any improvements in this scenario swapped for the PHP? Or even changing the DB to something more mainstream such as oracle 9 lite or sql server? In terms of the application itself is my movement over to air pre-emptive? Or should flex be able to deliver all the functionality of AIR without any messy coding workarounds?