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    converting merged webhelp projects to chm


      A bit of history behind this question.


      Coming into this role I was handed a HUGE single webhelp project. Following the advice given on Grainge.org, i have migrated the huge, unmanageable project into 13 sensible, smaller, merged projects. Everything works tickety-boo except that the new merged output is roughly double the output size of the original project.  I can live with this... it is because of duplicated topics, and I have a method in-hand to reconcile the duplications as time allows.


      Now the question. Because of the size of the new merged webhelp and until I have the time to reconcile the duplications, my developer colleagues would like the help to be of a CHM variety. The Help is usually installed on our client machines, but could be installed on the serverside.


      So, my best alternative is...


      A) re-generate each of the 13 sub-projects as a CHM file?  My worry is that the whole merged Help thing wouldn't work with this option? How do I link contextual help to a compiled topic (currently I provide an XML map which is called from the application)?


      B) convert Robohelp's output files to CHM?  Is there a freeware/ shareware utility out there that anyone would recommend?


      C) something else that I haven't thought of?



      Thank you in advance for any advice and guidance...