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    Flex vs ActionScript

    ttehify Level 1

      Hi all,


      Perhaps I am confused but here's my situation: I'm trying to build a Flash video player for compatibility with IE. I built a simple on in Flex using the Spark components but compiled, it comes to 41k without static linking and 300k+ with static linking.


      I have seen some implementations in ActionScript alone and their implementations are 20k-ish flat.


      I generated the report from the compile in Flex and it includes a lot of libraries. My questions are:


      1. Can anyone explain why these libraries are need and if I can remove them to reduce my filesize?

      2. Without static linking and the 41k file size, if a user hits my site for the first time, does it only download 41k or does it download the full 300k? Also, where does it download the libraries that it needs? from Adobe?

      3. Is there anyway that I can build a Flex application with pure ActionScript? Or how would I go about building an ActionScript video player and compile it using Flex?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Frameworks carry a price.  The ability to just have scrollbars show up by

          setting a property is weight the every application carries.  If you use the

          Microsoft Foundation Classes, an app for HelloWorld is not 2k as if you

          coded it by hand in C.



          1) you can hand code stuff and not use flex

          2) 41K if they already have the RSLs which most folks should

          3) hand coding.

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