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    Flash-Director Interaction

      I know that Director is designed to be the "master" of the two programs, but I have an application in Flash that I would like to use Director as the "follower," instead. For example, Director would navigate in a 3D world, then turn control back to the Flash program, as determined by the location one was at in the 3D world.

      I have only three "locations" that one can navigate to, and the Director file would be pretty much just an animation to one of the three locations. Once a button is clicked, the proper location would be passed back to the flash file for continued processing, however, the user would be able to navigate to many other areas in the 3D model, only finishing at one of the three pre-programmed locations. Free-navigation is allowed, but the endpoint must be one of the three final points.

      I am proficient in AS, and have already done the AS coding. I am trying to add a 3D interface, with "real world" type of navigation available to the user.

      If this is possible, I'd be grateful to be told. I have not yet purchased Director (and the upcoming release of D11 seems to me to be a reason to hesitate even more). I was thinking that I could send the data through an XML file, but I was hoping it would be possible to just pass a variable back directly to the flash file.