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    Can You Limit Processing During Renders

    CLVPRO Level 1

      For playback and editing, the new Mecury engine is great. However, for long renders, like fifteen to thrity five minutes, the computer freezes. When it renders and starts maxing out the CPU, it warms up the processors and cranks the fans into overdrive. After a couple hours it will freeze.


      Is there a way to limit the amount of the computers processing usage, via options in Premiere Pro CS5, Premiere Media Encoder, or Windows 7?


      I know you can limit the amout of RAM in CS5, but couldn't figure out how to limit the CPU usage.When I was using AE 6.5 and Neculeo, I could allocate the amout of CPU usage for rendering. That is what I would like to do in Premire Pro CS5.


      The footage was shot on a Sony EX1, 1920x1080 HQ, 23.98, and I was exporting in the same MPEG Preview format.


      When the computer freezes and I reboot, there will be a video up to the lenght that it rendered. I ended up with many shorter clips, some five minutes, tweleve, ninteen, twenty nine, and so on. So I just rendered the last six minutes so I could get a rough cut to watch.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you system gets unstable due to heat issues, that is something to be resolved ASAP.


          You can use a temporary workaround by setting the affinity in Process Explorer to a few of the logical processors, but you HAVE to fix the heat problem.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            I completely agree with Harm on the most likely causes of your computer issues. I would address those first.


            One CAN limit the Duration of the Renders from the Timeline, with the WAB (Work Area Bar). By setting this to smaller segments, you might be able to get things done, but the system issues should take front row, or other problems can arise.


            Here's a look at the WAB in PrPro 2.0. Should be almost identical in CS5:



            Good luck,



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              CLVPRO Level 1

              Thanks for quick responses.


              Yes, I did make a smaller selection to export using the WAB, and that was how I ended up with smaller segments to preview. However, I will eventually need to end up with complete video files. Hopefully less system strain using the Processor Explorer will allow for that.


              I'm not sure why the system freezes; if it's from over heating, lack of available processors, or something else. I just upgrade to Windows 7 (from XP 64) for CS5. Some of my PC utilities and RAID cards will not work in Windows 7. Naturally when more processes are going on, it will get hotter and the fans crank up. I don't necessarily think it's  from unsafe overheating, but more so too much strain.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                To be sure that your system is OK, run the Prime95 Torture test and let it run the whole night or even 24 hours. If it survives that test, you ought to be OK.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Please provide ALL system hardware details so someone may be able to point to a likely culprit


                  Case brand/model... number/location of case fans... brand/model graphics card... brand/size power supply... brand/model motherboard... brand/model CPU cooler... number of hard drives


                  Your problem SOUNDS like either overheating or a too small power supply... but without DETAILS nobody will be able to do anything other than guess

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Get the over heating problem sorted by adding fans.


                    As a test.... open the case and blast in a fan.


                    BTW - are the components in your case dusty?  ie dust on the fans, circuits, cooling fins, components etc


                    Blow it out with clean air eg Dust off from a can.,

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                      CLVPRO Level 1

                      Several years ago I assembled my computer with various parts to acheive pretty consistent and reliable results in Windows XP x64. At first I was running earily versions of Premiere Pro, and then mainly CS3. The upgrade to CS5 called for the need to upgrade to Windows 7.


                      Here are my system details for those of you interested:


                      Board: SuperMicro X6DA3-G2

                      Dual Xeon 2.8 with dual core and hyper threading enabled (to 8 virtual threads)

                      8 GB SDRAM

                      Nvidia 7800GT

                      Edirol UA-4FX (sound card)

                      700w Thermaltake power supply

                      Server case with two fans in the front. Vented rackmount cover/rack above.

                      3ware internal RAID controller, with four 1 TB WD 7,200rpm in a RAID5 (mainly for projects and media)

                      320 GB WD 7,200rpm  for OS and programs, plus mirror of HD for back-up


                      External raid card (Silicon Images RAID5) won't work on Windows 7, so my external arrays won't work, or Esata drives ;(

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Just to give you another look, with a slightly smaller case, I have 8 fans, each at the max size, and also a 1200W PSU.


                        Good luck,



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                          CLVPRO Level 1

                          I recently uppgraded my internal RAID hard drives form 320 GB to 1TB each, and dusted out the case then. I wouldn't eat off the thing, but it's clean enough for air to flow through. I clean out the front filter every other week or so.

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                            SFL46 Level 3

                            Download one of those utilities that monitors CPU and MBO temperatures.  Trend the temp.  I have I7 920 and the intel data indicated that the CPU should be kept below 45 degrees C.

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                              CLVPRO Level 1

                              Yesterday I dug through the SuperMicro FTP site till I found a Supero Doctor III version that works with Windows 7. Now I can monitor the temps again. I also put another fan in the back of the rackmout case blowing air out. Still, about every two hours of editing in Premiere, the machine freezes. The temperature gage, frozen on screen, wasn't extremely high, but above the 45 degrees mentioned.


                              I recently moved, and use to have my PC in the basement. Now its in a bedroom office, with a nice window to look out. I suppose the room is also slightly warmer. I didn't think a few degrees would make much difference, but maybe that's a part of it.


                              I didn't think it needed to be that cool (45*). When I'm rendering, the temp gets up around 60* or slightly higher. Maybe I need to go into my BIOS and set the temp for the CPU fan speeds to cool more. Usually they don't spin really fast till it's much past 45*.


                              To test if the temp is really the reason it freezes, I now have a huge room fan pointed at the input of the case. Got the CPU temps down to 42* and 46*. Tomorrow I'll be editing again, and see if it's stable.

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                This does not sound too worrisome. The 45 C that SFL mentioned is only idle. That is an unachievable temp under load, unless you use Nitrox, and my guess is there are far less users on this forum using Nitrox than you have fingers on your hand. Under load you are good if the temp remains below 80 C.

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                                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                                  How do you have the memory optimization set for rendering in Premiere? If you go to Edit > Preferences > Memory, you'll see an option labeled Optimize rendering for: with a dropdown choice of Performance or Memory. I believe that Premiere defaults to Performance, so if this is the case for you, try changing this setting to Memory. See if that allows you to render completely.