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    RoboHelp V8 Are working files the output files?


      I have RH V4 and there are 2 version of the file the html pages. The one I edit and then the files created for the output.   I have to save both versions to multiple places and I was wondering if they are now just one file/version.  


      Also, I am trying to convince my company on the benefits of spending $500 to upgrade, any compelling reasons?


      I like that I it can have multiple projects. But that doesn't merit $500 in their book.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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          I'm assuming you mean to say that you have RoboHelp X4. Version 4 is really REALLY old!


          Think of your RoboHelp files as you might think of ingredients in the kitchen. You have eggs, flour, milk and whatnot. These are the source ingredients. They are very much like your RoboHelp source files. You mix these ingredients and bake them to create OUTPUT, such as Chocolate Chip cookies, Bran Muffins or whatever. The cookies and muffins are very much like your RoboHelp OUTPUT files.


          All versions of RoboHelp I've ever seen are able to have multiple projects. Whether you think it's worth the upgrade price is for only you to decide. If you are happy with the way RoboHelp works and it suits you. Then hold off. But there are many factors to consider.


          Does the new version offer something you might find useful and save lots of time? If so, upgrading is a no brainer.

          Are you finding that the output you create has suddenly began to have issues? Might be time to upgrade. For example, if you are creating WebHelp output and suddenly you see lots of folks that are all using the new Google Chrome browser, the older version of WebHelp doesn't know about Chrome. So the WebHelp may have issues. In that case you might strongly consider upgrading so your output handles newer browsers.


          Cheers... Rick



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