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    With GREP, is there a way to assign a character find/change to a p style?

    APCreativeFla Level 1

      I'm looking for more ways to automate text styling in the magazine I produce. In InDesign, I can assign find/replace command strings in the Find/Change GREP window, but I've found no online source that tells me how to find/replace characters using GREP WITHIN a p style. It seems as if the latter GREP capability is limited to changing character styles and can't search and replace actual characters.


      Example: I have a list of recipe ingredients. I want to replace the quantity (one to three digits) at the beginning of each ingredient with a tab-digit(s)-tab combination. In Find/Change, I can enter "\d+\s" and replace with "\t$0\t" but I don't see a way to assign that capability to a p style. I want this find/change to occur automatically any time copy is added to text tagged with the Recipe Ingredients paragraph style, so I don't have to keep running a Find/Change each time we edit the page. One power user has told me it's not possible. Any insight or alternative solution would be much appreciated.