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    Embed a font in one SWF use in another?

      Long version:
      I've got a "player" app that I've built that shows content from various XML files. I have certain common fonts embedded in it (Verdana, Arial, Times, etc.) that it uses to display text. Now, I've got a client with a special symbol font that I'll need to pull characters from to show specific text in my app. I can't embed this font in my app (due to many considerations), but I'd like to use it without having to use each character as a graphic (by converting every character in the font into a JPG). So, can I embed his font in a SWF and load that SWF to use the font in my app?

      Short version:
      SWF1 loads SWF2 which contains an embedded font. SWF1 uses that font via a TextFormant instance to show text on the stage.

      Is this possible? My target is Flash 7 player using AS2.