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    Loading swf in container in illustrator.

    TheDollarBill Level 1

      Not sure where to post this....

      On the Mac, everything works fine.  I load a .swf into an ADM Flash Player Item in the Illustrator SDK and the .swf pulls some information from an options.xml file on local machine to create the UI.

      On Windows the .swf seemingly won't load info from other files on the computer.  I can get the .swf to load inside the ADM Flash Player Item, but it seems like it can't access the options.xml file.


      When I run the .swf OUTSIDE of the illustrator container, everything works as it is supposed to.   I thought it might be a security/permissions issue, but wouldn't that come into play even when it's run outside of illustrator?  I know I'm like the only person doing this kind of thing, but I'll take even wild guesses at this point!



      P.S. Switching to CS5 is not an option for this project.