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    Adobe Reader 9, Form Fields, Digital Signature


      We are a software company and we are developing a simple application, as follows:


      1. Any number of pdf documents are provided by a third party (our customer / customers). Each form contains any number of fields and a digital signature field.
      2. Our application must fill the fields with values obtained by a back-end database
      3. Using Adobe Reader 9, our application must display each pdf document filled in step 2, for users to sign using a Topaz tablet.


      The "blank", original pdf document can be easily completed by hand and signed using the Topaz tablet - thanks to the Adobe Reader plug-in.


      Also, we can quite easily fill all the doument's fields using the popular iTextSharp libraries - we extract relevant data from our back-end database, we set the field values, and we display the document in Adobe Reader 9 (note that after filling the form, we have experimented with "flattened" and "non-flattened" documents....with the same results)...


      Here we start having some problems:


      As soon as the "filled" document is displayed in Adobe Reader, the message "This document enables Reader capabilities that are no longer enabled in this Reader version." is displayed. And the signature field is disabled and the Topaz plug-in is never invoked.


      It seems that the simple task of programmatically filling the form with data.... disable the most important feature of the form (the signature line).


      Unfortunately, my knowledge of the Adobe product line is somewhat limited....


      After hours of research I think I understand why (even though I find the behavior incredibly strange and restrictive). I still would like, if possible, summary and clear information on what we need to do to accomplish the goal of our application.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestion.