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    Audio cuts out at 11:10?




      I am new to Premiere Elements and learning as I go.  I am creating my first video, a 15 minute montage of football.  The clips and titles are complete, but when I drag and drop the soundtrack the problem begins.  The soundtrack sounds great right up to the 11:10 mark, when it abruptly quits.  I have cleared the track and redropped it in several times, and always the same result.  I edited the original track to match the video and when I check the file in Adobe Audtion, is perfect.  Any ideas?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          From Audition, did you Save_As a PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit file? If not, that would be best. If so, read on.


          If you did use the above specs., when you Imported your WAV file into PrE, did you allow the Conforming to complete? There is a little blue progress bar in the lower-right of the GUI, and you MUST allow this to complete 100%, before you do anything with that file. I let all Conforming to complete, before doing anything. If you do not allow this process to complete, you can truncate your resulting file.


          Let's talk a bit about Conforming. This is a process that does two things: it produces a CFA file w/ 32-bit floating point for critical editing, and produces a PEK file, which is the Waveform Display. If you start with a PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit file, this is quick, based on the Duration and the speed of your computer. If you Import 44.1KHz, or perhaps 12-bit, it takes longer. If you Import something like MPEG, or MP3, it can take quite a while to complete.


          I would test by deleting your Audio file from both the Timeline and from the Project Panel. Then, Import that PCM/WAV again, and sit back, until the Conforming has completed. Do not touch the computer. This should not take that long, and patience is a virtue here.


          When Conforming has completed, drag that WAV file to one of the blank Audio Tracks, say Audio 3, and not to the fixed Soundtrack, or Narration. Look at the Waveform to see if it goes for the entire 15;00 Duration. Play it now, and see if it truncates.


          Good luck,




          PS - you might also want to go into your Media Cache (where you located your Scratch Disks in Edit>Preferences), and find the .CFA and .PEK files for that particular WAV file and Delete just those. This will in no way be harmful, as PrE will regenerate those, as needed. Just to be safe, I would also make sure to Delete your WAV from the Timeline and the Project Panel, as mentioned above.

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            sportszone123 Level 1

            Ok, that was great advice.  The original file was an MP3, so I saved it instead as a Windows PCM Wav file, but the highest quality I could go was 44.1 16 bit.  Still, when I dragged and dropped it, it was perfect start to finish.  I guess the MP3 was my issue.  From now on, I will work with just Wav files.  Also, I have never seen the blue box you mentioned.  Thanks for the great advice.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              MP3's are the "son of the spawn of the devil" in my book. First, they compress the heck out of the fidelity, and ruin almost everything compressed that way (IMHO), and next, they cause so many, many problems, and in all sorts of ways. Other than listening to the iPod on a jet plane, I hate them, and with a passion - but I digress...


              What version of Audition do you have? I use Au 2 and 3, and they each allow PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit. Even the free audio-editor, Audacity, does 48KHz 16-bit.


              Now, PrE can normally handle several audio specs., like 32KHz, 44.1KHz and 48KHz. It seems to do well with 12-bit, or 16-bit, but 24 and 32-bit might have to be converted elsewhere. The reason for the 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV is that is the standard for DVD and is what PrE (and PrPro) are based on - that is the most simple set of specs., with the fewest conversion cycles.


              The important thing is that YOUR Audio now is correct, so life is good!


              Thanks for reporting your success.

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                sportszone123 Level 1

                I have both Au 1.5 (yes, I am a dinosaur) and 2.0, but use 1.5 far more often because I seem to have issues with my sound card with 2.0.  There is some static at times.  Never with 1.5.  By the way, 1.5 will allow me to go to 48 Hz but not for this particular file for some reason.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  By the way, 1.5 will allow me to go to 48 Hz but not for this particular file for some reason.


                  Curious, but you managed to get it into PrE, so that might be moot.


                  Now, let's step outside this particular forum - hope I can be quick and short, and Steve G. will not boot me.


                  I have found that when dealing with seeming incompatibilities with audio cards and many programs, from Audition to PrPro, that a great, free ASIO driver, ASIO4ALL, fixes so very, very much. I used it to get my 5.1 audio working in all of my programs. Just download and install it, then in the Edit>Prefereces>Audio Hardware>ASIO (or similar path), set everything to ASIO4ALL. You will do this in every program, but I'd start with Au 2.0, and test.


                  Good luck,