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    Shoulda thought of this before I built my site...

    Su-Elliott Level 1

      I've built this lovely Flash site that shows information on our company's projects by loading a .swf file into the main index page each time that project info is requested by a button click. There are not separate html pages for each .swf file to display in - they simply load onto a layer in the main index page. Seems nice and clean to me.


      That all worked until my boss wanted to start sending out promotional emails linking to specific project pages. I can't give a URL that links to that particular page. I can link to the specific .swf file but it will load into a blank page with none of our important info that is on the master index page to give it context. Obviously the hard way is to create a custom html page with that particular .swf file loaded just for this mailer.


      But I was curious to know if there was a more sophisticated way first. Is it possible to build in some actionscript that would allow my email link to load my main index html page, then load this specific .swf file into it?