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    sort renamed layers




      I have a project with in my timeline 200 items (the same picture named "spot.psd i have paste it 200 times)

        i have all renamed them 0 to 200 but i have not set the correct sequence


      for example the first item is named 20 the second 180 and so on!


      how can i set it automaticly from 1 too 200 ? in the current sequence?


      Let me know

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Check out Jeff Almasol's site and his nifty scripts.

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            Appie21 Level 1





            I run the script but the layers didn'change position!


            can it not do by hand?

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              Michael Scarn

              By "ran the script", what exactly do you mean?


              This script, since it is dockable needs to be put in the correct scripts folder.


              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels


              After placing/copying the rd_KindaSorta.jsx file into that folder, you will need to restart After Effects. Upon restarting and opening your project, you will have a new item under the Window Tab along the top menu bar (between "View" and "Help"). Within the Window tab, it will be the last option in that drop down menu (If you don't have any other dockable scripts).


              You have the option to select layers and apply the sorting only to those layers, or to all the layers in the composition. You can sort by Layer Name under the "Order By:" drop down menu, among other things. If the order is in reverse, you can tick the Reverse Order box to reverse that order.


              Hopefully that helps


              PS. If it doesn't work and you are a bit better at following some screenshots, I can do it that way as well!

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                Appie21 Level 1

                Hello see my screen hope it is more helpfull the script runs correct

                but di not change anything


                I wil get the layers in 1 to .....



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                  Michael Scarn Level 1

                  If you have time, would you be able to list step by step, what you are putting into your current composition, and then how you are going about selecting options for the script?


                  From the looks of it, you have over 400 composition files, rather than .psd files. That shouldn't matter in sorting though. I can't imagine their being a limit on how many it would sort. I would say try starting a new comp and drop in maybe 20 or 30 or those .psd files and sort them (just as a test). Also, if you can, take a pic with your kindasorta panel opened up with your chosen settings. It might help a bit too if you explain what you are ultimately trying to do and how you have done it so far.