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    Recommended 3d conversion posssibilities?

    ametuer cinema dude Level 1

      I rarely go onto the forums area of the adobe website only on occasion for questions I had for projects i was doing. Again I am asking for some help on a project for a 3d short movie about middle basketball players.  I have a lended Panasonic 3d camcorder from a class I am currently taking.  3d is amazing with this camera and I have some awesome shots with the Panasonic 3d camcorder.  Unfortunately my fellow classmates who I had shown some of the raw footage to, my two best shots were shot in 720p 30fps (obviously 2d) on a Canon powershot (SX20 IS).  This was pretty bad.  I wanted a great grade for my short movie but without these shots I might not get the best grade I could include the video but it would be totally flat and our short movies must be 3d at all time from opening title to credits.  I have dire emergency to want to be able to convert my 2d 720p footage to 3d 1080p footage.  I've seen amazing upconversion from 720p to 1080p with Adobe media encoder cs5, but I need something with decent 3d conversion.  Physically and logically it is truely impossible but I need something that can at least fool any of the average person's eyes.  I'm very adapted to Adobe After Effects CS5 so I was hoping there would be a decent plugin but I guess I can compromise for a stand-alone program.  Any experienced people or professionals that could help me would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks!