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    From Updating A Site To A FULL Rebuild!!!

    ChanceDogUSA Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      I have a couple of years experience building websites from a self taught, artistic point of view so I’m not completely green. But I don’t know code. I have recently been asked to “UPDATE” a companies website which to be honest is currently functional, but looks like Stevie Wonder put it together.


      Today I showed them some of the updated items for the site and instead of showing updated Button bars, flash video & swf file roll ins and other visual enhancements in separate windows, I built a mock template to hold all the enhancements together as if it was a functional website. And made it so you could view a few (not all) working pages.


      They loved the changes!!!! TOO MUCH!!!! The mock site was requested to replace the original site and they asked If I could do the work….Obviously I said yes :0)


      Now……slight issue, I’m visual. NOT technical. I would rather spend hrs working on photos & Video then write boring script which I have zero idea how to do.


      I purchased Adobe Creative suite 5 a few months ago and have used After Effects, Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst Photoshop, Soundbooth & Premiere Pro to build the work I have created so far. But my question to all of you is this. Whats the best Adobe software for building Search pages?


      They want to have a search done by, year, manufacturer, model, engine size, parts. And pages that do the search in reverse orders. They already have this on their server…working. Do I have to rebuild this search page to match the new site, OR can the new site be linked to the jsp files on the server? (I learned what jsp was 30 mins ago)


      This is really pushing my boundries of experience but I’m willing to learn how. I have to show them something functional by Monday 23rd September 2010. Where do I start?


      Thanks in advance