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    RoboHelp for Word 7 WebHelp + Tivoli Access Manager with scripts


      Hi, folks.  I have a strange problem.  Using RoboHelp for Word 7.0, I've built a WebHelp file that is called by one of our applications.  The application calls the WebHelp pages with context-sensitive links that have always worked great.  The files have been in production for a couple of years without problem, until just recently.


      The application developers have tracked down the issue, and say that the help calls are only failing when they access the WebHelp files through TIVOLI ACCESS MANAGER when SCRIPTS ARE ENABLED.  The calls work great if they use TAM and scripts are NOT enabled.  They only break when scripts are enabled in TAM.


      Unfortunately, the application is changing and they must now enable scripts in Tivoli.


      When scripts are enabled in TAM, a click on the help link opens a window of the proper shape, size, and location.  It has the usual help window title.  However, instead of the table of contents and the help topic for the current screen, you only see one window pane.  In that one window pane, the system displays the following characters against a white background:




      No matter what help link you click, you get the same nonsense characters.


      Has anyone encountered this problem?  Is there a solution?  I have browsed and searched the forum and various experts' sites and articles to no avail.


      Any/all help will be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks very much.  - Carol