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    MPE , what formats am I suppose to see "the magic"


      Hi all,

      I have gtx 470 which I certifieid myself to get the MPE to work. But I'm still waiting to see improvements.

      Most of my timeline is made up of TGA, TIFF, DPX,  sequences, and some MOV files as well.

      I have yet to see any performance improvements. I get a yellow line and playback is around 15 FPS if I'm lucky.

      I still have to render all the files so I was wondering if I am the only one out there with the same problems.


      When I watched the adobe CS5 video on their website, They made it sound like Preview rendering, is a thing of the past.


      Also, Now that  I preview rendered my entire timeline, will I be able to get 3 layers out of them, or it's only for special formats?