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    Luminosity and saturation blending modes in FW CS4 differ from their equivalents in PSE 7



      Upper bitmap is filled with RGB(232,168,89) color and the lower with RGB(61,114,158) .

      Blending results are as follow:


      Luminosity in FW CS4: RGB(67,121,175)

      Luminosity in PSE 7: RGB(137,190,234)


      Saturation in FW CS4: RGB(60,109,158)

      Saturation in PSE 7: RGB(41,119,184)


      I think PSE uses chroma as saturation and luma Y' 601 with gamma compression (2.2 or 1.8) as luminosity.

      So it's compatible with PS. And what about FW. Does somebody know how FW works. I was experimenting with

      HLS and HSV and wasn't able to find it out. Maybe FW's modes are better in some web cases, I don't know.