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    Copy to Clipboard or email Rich Text

    peelmaster Level 1
      Hi all,

      I'm running into a problem where I'm unable to preserve the formatting of a text string when copying to the clipboard, or when putting the string into the body of an email. What I've got is some text inside of a RichTextEditor tag and I've got two buttons.

      One button is used to send as an email (using a function that uses the navigateToURL). When I send as an email, I'm putting the text from the RichTextEditor into the BODY portion of the email. However, when the email opens, all of the formatting is stripped (line breaks, bold, italics, tabs). In the past I was able preserve the line breaks by putting something in my mailto to preserve the linebreaks. Unfortunately, I don't have the old code anymore and can't remember what the heck I did.

      Another to copy the text to the clipboard (using setClipboard). When I copy the text string to the clipboard, it's the same thing as the first button. All formatting is stripped.

      Any help on what to do to preserve the formatting (at least the line breaks) in both cases would be great.