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    problem with a button

      hello everyone, i´m really a newie in flash, and now i´m traying to learn a couple of things at least just for fun. The problem it is that I want to build a button with an animation effect,but I want when the mousse go out the button,this make a animation too, so what I did was:
      create a figure,and convert it to button(f8), them in over section create a keyframe,and convert it to movie clip,inside I create the animation with motion tween(this one plays when the cursor is over the button), so now I can´t find a way to make the animation for the part when the cursor go out of the button area.
      I´ll be very grateful if someone can help me.bye
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          You can't really do that with a button. A button only has 3 frames that
          you get to see. The Up frame and the Over frame can have a movieClip
          inserted into those frames so that you see some sort of animation when
          the cursor is off the button or over the button.

          When the cursor leaves a button, the button immediately shows the Up
          frame. If you have an animation at this frame, it will play. But this is
          the same animation that you see before the button is used, so it's not
          unique the rollOut event.

          If you want to create a button that shows more activity than a button
          allows for, you can do that, but you have to create a movieClip that
          acts as a button.

          If you do a search through this forum, you'll find a lot of information
          on this subject with a bunch of pointers to examples.


          Rob Dillon
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            nesmoth Level 1
            thanks a lot, I´ll do a research over the forum, by the way I was thinking in something, Swish have a action called Reverse,that makes the same previous actions but back,does flash have something resource like that?.
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