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    Has AE CS5 fixed the clone tool??

    Mark Linthicum Level 1

      Anyone know if they have fixed the caching problem that bogged AE down when cloning the same point using previous frames with the clone tool? This has been a issue since they added the clone tool and makes painting objects out almost impossible!


      Sitting here writing this while AE CS 4 draws 1 frame!! So lame! Combustion could de better on an old g4!


      Thanks Mark

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea. One could assume, though, that even if the alleged issues are not fixed, they will not show up simply due to the app being able to use more RAM. Mmmhh...



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            Mark Linthicum Level 1

            Just confirming AE CS5 still bogs down when cloning from previous frame when painting in the same spot for more than 5 frames!

            What crap!! Wasting my time pre-rending every 10 min!


            Am I the only one who sees that AE has been going down hill since version 6.5??


            Its like they got lazy, just started licensing technology and the basic coding has gotten worse! Wish there was an alternative.


            This is what happens when management calls the shots, making decisions for monetary gain rather than doing what is right! Evil bastards!