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    Question About an Adobe Sample


      Dear All,


      I've read this sample http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/samples/SDKConnectorforIBM_FileNetWorkflowIntegr ation.html but i'm very confused about how the submit button works here as i didn't see any scripting code nor URL to send for any data processing. If there is any servlet that handles this submit button how the submit identified that.


      Thanks and best regards

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          pguerett Level 6

          Spoke to one of my colleages who is familiar with the connector. Here is his reponse:


          For the ALO you define:


          web-apps/x-adobe-assetlink=/AdobeRenderNRFormService?{QUERY_STRING}&{TOKEN}&vsId={VERSION_ SERIES_ID}&objectStoreName={OBJECT_STORE_NAME}&id={OBJECT_ID}&contentType={MIME_TYPE}


          web-apps/x-adobe-submitteddata=/AdobeRenderNRFormWithDataService?{QUERY_STRING}&{TOKEN}&vs Id={VERSION_SERIES_ID}&objectStoreName={OBJECT_STORE_NAME}&id={OBJECT_ID}&contentType={MIM E_TYPE}


          This points to the servlets



          When you build the sample you use the following:


          ant -Daxis_lib_path=<axis_lib_path> Dlc_user_name=<lc_user_name> -Dlc_user_passwd=<lc_user_passwd> -Dlc_server=<lc_server> -Dlc_server_port=<lc_server_port> -Dsource_jre=<source_jre> -Dtarget_jre=<target_jre>  -Dfilenet_libs=<filenet_libs> –Dj2ee_ jar_path=<j2ee_ jar_path>




          <axis_lib_path> = lib path for axis. Use axis 1.4 version for FileNet 4.0 <source_jre> = JRE version of Workplace <target_jre> = JRE version of Workplace <filenet_libs> = Location of filenet client libraries <j2ee_ jar_path> = Path of j2ee.jar <lc_user_name> = User name of LiveCycle. It is used to generate WSDL stubs <lc_user_passwd> = Password of LiveCycle. It is used to generate WSDL stubs


          This defines where the LC server is located.

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            neupro Level 1

            thanks pguerett for your helpful answer but is there any link or tutorial that describes in deep detail everything with architecture and explaining each step why it had been done like this as this link just saying steps not explaining them.


            Thanks so much for your time and effort.