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    Use Director 2004MX to create a tour CD?

      We would love to import our .jpg libraries of Montana images into
      Director 2004MX to build interactive CD tours of Montana.

      Problem: It is important that we use the original image
      file size (2,000kb or greater). From the reading we
      have done "on-line"(See link below)
      It appears the Director MX projector can only
      work with small .jpg files of less than 100kb.

      We know art museums use Director MX to build tours of their galleries.
      Can someone point us to a tutorial that will illustrate
      how to build a quality tour that incorporates hundreds of
      2,000kb images.

      Thank you,

      Mark and the Crew
      at MontanaPictures.Net
      "The website for people homesick for Montana"