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    NetStream.client can't be a class instance?

    abeall Level 3

      I tried this:


      netStream = new NetStream(netConnection, NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS);
      netStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, streamStatus);
      netStream.client = this;
      public function onPeerConnect(ns:NetStream):Boolean {
           trace("onPeerConnect", ns.farID);


      Inside a class called ClientStream. However I found that onPeerConnect was not being called. I changed .client to this:


      netStream.client = {
           onPeerConnect:function(ns:NetStream):Boolean {
                trace("onPeerConnect", ns.farID);


      And it works. Does this mean that you have to use a generic object like that for the client? Is there something I'm not understanding in the first example?