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    Speedup Twixtor fps conversion

    WilfredAP Level 1



      I'm using AE CS5 to load my edited Premiere project and Twixtor to convert from 29,97 fps to 25 fps. But for 45 minutes of HD (1080p) footage, it tooks around 24 hours to complete. My system specs:


      Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 mainboard;

      Intel Q6600 cpu;

      NVIDIA 8500GT gpu;

      4GB ram;

      2 x 500 GB HDD;

      2 x 1 TB HDD;

      Windows 7 x64;


      I know it is not the best system for this task but I don't have enough money to buy a monster PC. Maybe next year...


      When I add another 4GB ram will this speedup by factor 2 so it tooks 12 hours to complete? Or is that useless for the Twixtor Plugin?

      Or is it better to buy an Nvidia GTX285 to use with Premiere Pro Mercury engine?


      What would you do in my situation?


      Hope someone will advise me. Thanks