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    Symbols changing in IK Bones timeline :(


      OK, so I have a basic arm setup. Upper arm, lower arm and hand symbol. Bones attached, no problem. I can create an animation using the bones and can change the hand pose by entering a different frame# in the property box. All is well.




      When I close the file (making sure to save) and reopen it. All the frame #'s attributed to the hand symbol revert back to frame 1.  Meaning I have to redo every hand pose again and again and again. More importantly when the animation is approved and I send it off, when the client opens it the animation is incomplete!


      I'm using CS5 does anybody know what's happening or how/if it can be fixed? I'm in the process of starting a major project for a studio where bones are being used and this issue is making me crazy!


      Appreciate any help that's out there





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          *Q Level 3

          Hello Crikey,

          My name is Quynh and I work on the Flash team. Can you please email me your .fla document? My address is qkhong@adobe.com.




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            Crikey Level 1

            Hi Quynh,


            Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry about the wait, time difference is a factor there


            I've attached a example of where the bone is particularly faulty. I can't send you a full working file because the content is not allowed to be disclosed for contractual reasons.


            The test file shows the arm joint and the main culprit here is the hand symbol. As you can hopefully see when you go to select the hand symbol you do not get a blue box around it. You can still set the frame numbers on the symbol and in this example I set the hand to a different frame on each  of the keyframes in the time line. However when you save and close, then reopen the input frame disappear.


            This is happening on most character models and seemingly at random times. Sometimes it does it, sometimes is doesn't.


            Appreciate any help you can give me.