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    Massive encoding times with a powerfull rig, where is the bottleneck?




      I've got a massive problem with encoding my 11min movie. The Media Encoder CS5 takes over 3 hours to encode my rather simple timeline. Just got some JPEG-sequences (3D Animated) and two AE-projects linked. In the AE-project there are some JPEG images and a 16Bit TIFF-sequence. The only special thing about this project is the resolution: 1280x1440 - Top-Bottom Stereo -> 2x 720p @ 25fps.


      Our firm is working with HP Z600 Workstations:

      - Dual-Quad CPU's with 2,67GHz

      - 24 GB RAM

      - Nvidia Quattro FX 3800 (But the Mercury Engine still has problems with the image sequences)



      1) Where could the problem be? My Harddisk isn’t doing a great deal (~15MB/s). CPU is working at around 10% and the RAM has got over 16GBs to spare.....!?


      2) Can one render parts of the timeline “finally”, so that after some corrections, the rest of the movie is pre-encoded?


      3) How could I optimize the process of encoding? Convert the image-sequences to some other (special) format?



      I really do need some help here, the deadline is coming fast and with no mercy….