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    Caching Data

      I have a flex app in an all html site. When you load the flex app a list of users gets loaded. The users list is a 1.73MB xml file. It takes some time to load. Some times the users have to navigate off the flex app make some changes then come back to the flex app. Is there any way to cache the users list so it doesnt have to load each time the flex app gets called?

      Any help would be great.

        • 1. Caching Data
          I'd suggest using a SharedObject ( http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/201/langref/flash/net/SharedObject.html ), which is essentially Flash's version of a cookie. You could store the data there, and maybe add some logic to the code when tells the app when and if it should update the list.

          However, SOs have a default size limit of 100K, so that means you'd either have to prompt the user for permission to increase the size of the shared object, or parse the data into a smaller format. I'd suggest going the parse route, since the size of XML files is largely due to the mark-up overhead, and you can probably get the size down considerably by folding the info into native classes.

          I am curious if the initial user-list download is necessary though - is this not something that could be minimized via webservices or remote objects - i.e., only grabbing the disctinct information the app needs as it needs it?

          In any case, hope this helps!