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    Limit the CK_key in the CFSearch?

    helloha33 Level 1
      How do I restrict the CFSearch to serach only a list of ID in the CK_Key.

      For example. I have a list of 200 ID (same as cf_key).
      and I have a "Criteria A".
      If I just do
      <cfsearch name="xx"
      type="EXPLICIT" criteria="Criteria A">
      It return over 5000 return. but I just want cfsearch to search for "Criteria A" within these 200 IDs.

      I tried
      <cfsearch name="xx"
      type="EXPLICIT" criteria="Criteria A CF_key<Contains> #those 200 IDs seperated by comma#">
      It does not work

      I can do a Verity QoQ afterward to get the same effect, but I want to shorten the first cfsearch that killing the processor power and it is slow to bring back those 5000 records that I don't needed.