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    Dynamic Auto Scrolling Text Box

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      Hi all,


      I'm looking for a tutorial for a dynamically auto scrolling text box. I want it to load a text file with some html and stop on mouse over and start on mouse out. Is it possible to use a component. I'm using Flash CS4.


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          skarthiks Level 2

          You can probably use the TextArea component to achieve this.

          The Text Area Component has properties like "maxVerticalScrollPosition" and "verticalScrollPosition"


          maxVerticalScrollPosition - This gives the maximum possible scroll position.

          verticalScrollPosition - Set the current scroll position


          Hence you can have a function which increments the "verticalScrollPosition" and call this at regular intervals.

          On a mouse over event on the TextArea, you can stop calling the function to increment the "verticalScrollPosition"


          just a sample of the properties that I am talking about. Below is not the code that you can use directly.


          var t2:TextArea = new TextArea();
          t2.text = "ASDFASDFASFAs";
          t2.verticalScrollPosition = 6;




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