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    Gainward GTX465 Problems


      Hello everyone, I'm trying CS5 5.0 and 5.0.1 with a GTX465, MPE is enabled and I'm able to see yellow line and do realtime rendering, but theres a big problems which doesnt allow me to keep MPE HW Accel enabled.


      It seems to be filling up something, you switch from one sequence to another, you press play/pause some times and it locks up, it is reliable on this; it always locks up after the same number of operations; Windows says that premiere is not responding, sometimes says that nvidia opengl is not responding.


      Options relative to adobe executable in ndivia manager are set as should.


      Actually I'm looking for a track to follow; i saw no one using GTX465, only 460/470 and 480...


      If you have any idea please tell me


      Thank you!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          What do you mean by "lock up"?


          1. BSOD


          2. Giving an error message, like the application stopped working and needs to close down?


          3. Complete system freeze, requiring CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart?


          4. Momentarily stopped with a whitish screen, showing Not Responding in the title bar?


          5. Fill it in yourself....


          What is it?


          Also fill us in on your hardware setup.

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            Deffie63 Level 1

            Hello Harm,

            four! exactly, if i leave it not responding then a NVIDIA OpenGL driver window comes out saying not responding; i need to close it.

            It is also very slow (2-3 seconds delay) on switching from one sequence to another, some of them are nested.


            Computer configuration is as follows:


            Case Antec P182, temperatures are cpu <50° disks <40° gpu <60°

            PSU Enermax PRO82+ 625 Watt

            MOBO Asrock P55 Pro

            CPU I7 860

            RAM 4x2GB

            Disks 6x seagate AS 1TB 3x2 RAID0 volumes with intel onboard pseudo hardware raid, great performance however, about 220 MB/sec on copy


            Windows 7 ultimate english

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Which version of the nVidia driver?


              There have been some reports of problems with some driver versions

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                What you are experiencing is a combination of factors here:


                1. Limited memory, only 8 GB


                2. The on-board ICHR10 controller instead of a dedicated raid controller. You can not fit in a good controller anyway, due to the limitation of the P55 mobo, but it contributes to the delay.


                3. A limitation in CS5, that will be adressed in a future update.


                What happens is that for memory management reasons (and possibly other reasons as well) a lot of occupied memory (with media cache files, database pointers, and the like)  is freed from memory to make it available for other timelines/sequences/applications and when switching back to another sequence/timeline, all those media cache files and database poiinters need to be reloaded. That causes the delay and Win 7 waits and waits and then shows that whitish screen, while in the background all the needed stuff (.CFA, .PEK, etc.) are still being loaded.


                If you had more memory, that swapping of memory would be less and the response time better. If you had a better raid controller, your disks would be faster to respond, reducing the wait again. And last, this is a limitation on the current CS5 release, which will be removed or at least significantly reduced in a coming update.

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                  Deffie63 Level 1

                  Hello Harm,

                  I understand what you say, but lets focus on the real problem, which is not limited to the slowness which I can stand at; the major issue is that "premiere" and "nvidia opengl driver" apps stop responding and I only have two choices: 1) wait indefinitely 2) kill em


                  Drivers version is latest, 258.96; I tried all the available versions for 400 series (which are not a lot).


                  I played with almost all the Nvidia control panel options relative to CS5 without any gain, I just noticed that GPUSniffer reports OpenGL version 3.0 support where many are reporting OpenGL version 2.0...don't know if it has any relevance...


                  About the slowness:


                  1) Really it is a matter of quantity ? I see lot more sense on what you say later, it is matter of bandwidth; IE. under this aspect maybe 6GB triple channel are better than 8GB dual channel; I tell you this also because I experience the slowness on small projects, where only 3/4 GB of memory are in use.


                  2) According with you, this is where architecture LGA1156 shows its limits, and thats way they gave us the LGA1366; any preference on some specific 1366 chipset ?


                  3) Can you tell more about this ?


                  Thank you

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    This is why I really dislike Intel's use of the I7 on 1156  cpu's. Once again the marketing folks over rule common sense. The 1156 platform only supports dual channel memory. Only the 1366 platform supports Tri Channel which is the X58 Chipset on Desktop boards.


                    All of the Nvidia cards have been updated to Open GL version 3.0 with the latest driver updates I believe. That definitely is not causing this problem though unless you have installed an application that corrupted your video drivers.


                    Have you tested this in multiple projects?


                    Do you have the Mixed Display/Mixed GPU acceleration set to compatibility performance mode for Premiere and Media Encoder?


                    If so then change the Threaded optimization to off.


                    Make sure your Direct X is updated by downloading this: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=2da43d38-db71-4c1b-bc6a-9b6652cd9 2a3&displaylang=en


                    Also make sure Transparent Glass is unchecked in Win 7's Visual effects.


                    Let me know if that changes the behavior at all.




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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Unfortunately it is often not a simple matter of quantity OR bandwidth. Often it is the combination of those factors. In one case the emphasis may be on quantity, in another case the emphasis may be on bandwidth, in yet another case it may be a third aspect. I have mentioned the three most likely aspects to consider in your case in what I consider to be the most likely order of occurrence, first memory, and last CS5, because we can't do anything about it till the next update.


                      Recentlty I encountered someone with 12 GB of memory and still his major problem was LACK of memory. We all have to make a major transition, coming from 2 or 4 GB of memory and now even 12 GB does seem to be the lower limit for effective editing. It is my guess that shortly we consider 24 GB to be the lower limit and we will all await the X68 platform with 8 DIMM slots to increase memory to 32 GB on single CPU configurations with the Patsburg.

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                        Deffie63 Level 1

                        Hello Eric and Harm,

                        thank you for you replies; I tried all the settings you suggested me, unfortunately the problem is still present, maybe threaded optimization OFF prolonged lifetime before crash, but take it with the doubt.


                        Very important difference I noticed is about sequence switching delay, it lowers dramatically with MPE in software mode, ie. a few hundred milliseconds versus 2-3 seconds with MPE in hardware accelerated mode; this makes return my attention to card compatibility issue.

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          Have you installed any Logitech or Microsoft Keyboard and mouse software that comes with the input devices?




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                            Deffie63 Level 1

                            Nope, not any "side" software except Nvidia stuff...

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                              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                              Unless you have some Colorimeter software installed for the monitor then that eliminates most things that cause issues with the video driver during 2D applications. I would have to remote into the system and see what is going on and how you have it configured.