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    Simple Text Fade


      I apologize in advance for the simplicity of this question, but for some reason, I must be doing something wrong and can't for the life of me, figure it out! LOL


      I have a presentation with two pages. Both are identical and contain only text and a button. I want the text in page one to fade in gradually, while the button remains hidden. Once all of the text has faded in, the button should appear do the user can go to the next page.


      I have applied the fade to the text in page 1, and it work great when I play the timeline. However, when I export it using CMD+ENTER, the text appears on the screen without any fade at all.


      My project is a presentation that will provide information in a text format for the user to read. When the text has been all faded in, the NEXT button appears and the user can go to the next page.


      I don't understand why I'm having such difficulty with this, but any help is appreciated!!



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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3



          It sounds like you are trying to automatically fade from one state to another without user interaction.  Suggest you take a look at this thread.



          The other issue to look at is your text item in each state.  Is it the same text 'layer' with different copy in each state?  If so, I suggest you create two text layers and make them visible/invisible in the appropriate states.  This way your fades will work between states rather than an abrupt change.


          Hope this helps.