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    Access Snapshot tool in VB


      I have few questions.

      1st. Is there a program that can copy a pdf and paste it to document, that is automated, I know the snapshot tool exists and I can use that but I have roughly 3000 pdfs with 40 to 100 pages each I need to copy to add to my reports.


      2nd. If a program doesn't exist then how do I access the Snapshot tool so I can copy the page and paste it into word? I managed to open both the word doc and pdf, but I can't figure out how to access the snapshot tool.



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you had Acrobat you could extract all the pages from each of the files into single page files. If you had a decent DTP program for creating your report, then you could import each page as a separate file with no loss of fidelity. Word on the Mac supports pdf files as graphics, older versions of Word on Windows did not. I am unsure if the latest and greatest version of Word allows the import of pdfs as graphics.


          I would not suggest using the snapshot tool since the quality of the graphic would be greatly reduced. If you owned Acrobat you could export the pdf file as a graphic (tiff, png, or jpg) and import those files into Word for Windows, but again the quality of the images would be reduced.

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            NDMax511 Level 1

            My version of word doesn't support that feature, and unfortunately I can't get it upgraded. That is helpful, but so far I haven't lost any quality yet from the tool when I use it manually. I'm still looking for a faster and more automated way of getting this done as it will take a huge amount of time which I don't have.