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    Assigning Profiles in Illustrator CS5

    steve faulkner Level 1

      Hi Guys


      I have the issue when opening Illustrator documents containing images with different profiles, I have to decide on the assigning or converting for each image. Is there any global way within Illustrator to assign the working space of the document to all images?


      I know I can open the files individually in Photoshop, assign the correct profile then save the file and this will fix the problem, just wondered if there was a quicker way, as in InDesign.


      Many Thanks

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          gator soup Level 4

          Hi, I don't have an answer for you, but I have never seen anything as convoluted and confusing as trying to Assign-Convert-manage ICC profiles in InDesign, Illustrator - Acrobat PDF color management is a bit better...


          Those teams could learn a lot from the Photoshop team when it comes to Color Settings, Assign & Convert to profile features.




          or at least writing their help manuals that clearly explain how their features work (or in some cases how they don't work)

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            MJOrts Level 3

            Hi Steve,


            If you would like to automatically assign Illustrator's working space to all incoming documents, go to Edit > Color Settings and do the following:


            1. Working Spaces: select the RGB and/or CMYK profiles that you would like all incoming RGB and CMYK images to be converted to.

            2. Color Management Policies: select "Convert to Working Space" for incoming RGB and CMYK documents, uncheck the "Ask when..." Profile mismatch and missing profile boxes.


            You may have to make sure the main document you're working in and importing files into is set to the working space profile for this to work.  New documents in Illustrator are by default set to the working space RGB or CMYK profile.


            The first imported image that contains a profile mismatch may still ask you once if you're sure you want to convert to the working space profile.  All following docs should no longer ask.  I think this is how Photoshop is set up, at least...