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    Loadmoive problem with timeline

    Saywell Level 1

      My actionscript skills are very basic, as I only use Flash from time to time so any help would be gratefully received.

      I’m trying to load some jpeg files into movies which start at different points along a timeline within another movie and have come across a problem I can’t work out.

      I’m using loadMovie from the parent movie and have no problem loading the photo into the child movie if it starts on frame 1, but if the next child movie starts at frame 45 and it will not load the image into the movie.

      This is what script I use from the parent movie which just has one frame:
      etc etc

      pic1_mc starts at frame 1, pic2_mc starts frame 45, pic3_mc starts at 90… Each pic#_mc movie is the same movie clip just with a different instance name.

      If I movie say pic2_mc to also start a frame 1 it loads the photo fine, but I need it to start a 45.

      Can anyone advise the cleanest way to achieve this.