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    PDFG IPP Printer install in 64-bit Server


      I have an issue trying to install the PDFG IPP printer driver on a Win2008 server (Jboss turn-key). We even tried to save the install.jnlp and run javaws on a command line.


      When we use the "click here" link in adminui/Home > Services >LiveCycle PDF Generator ES2 > PDF Generator Network Printer


      we get the following error:


      Could not find the main class:

      com.adobe.livecycle.pdfg.ipp.gui.IPPGui. Program will exit.


      The printer installation works fine on 32-bit server and on (XP) workstations.


      Has anybody seen this behaviour?

      Could it be a 64-bit issue?

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          Saurabh.Agrawal Level 1

          This is a known issue with Windows 64-bit.

          As a workaround, you can install PDFG IPP Printer by following these steps:

          1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware > Devices and Printers

          2. Click on Add a printer to start the "Add Printer Wizard".

          3. Choose the second option - Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer

          4. Click on The printer I want isn't installed

          5. Select a shared printer by name. Type in the following URL : http://localhost:8080/pdfg-ipp/printer

          6. You'll be asked for PDFG credentials (username / password) to access the printer

          7. On the next screen, select any PostScript printer driver.

          8. Done! You should see a dialog confirming that you've successfully installed the printer.