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    How to respond to only one peer in a netGroup (Hlp) ?

    jpmoraez Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I'll show an example that explains what I want.


      I've got users A, B, C ..... N in a netGroup (it can be thousands of users).

      User A sends a search string to this netGroup and will receive a response from the peers having the message.

      I don't want to send a response to A using this same netGroup, 'cause it can create a big traffic over the netGroup.

      In this case I could create another netGroup only with the response peers and the peer that will receive the messages (A) off corcie.

      But I think this approach is not too good 'cause the number of response peers can be too large , what would create a big amount of data transfer over the netGroup.


      So , How can I create simple unicast NetConnections between two peers in a NetGroup...... Remebering that the response peers have the requesting peer id (A). But A does not have the response peer ids till it receives their response messages over netgroup (B, C, ... .. N ).