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    Adobe Test&Target & SiteCatalyst extensions for CS5 updated (version 1.1 available)

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      We have just released version 1.1 of the SiteCatalyst and  Test&Target extensions for Adobe Creative Suite 5, which include  several new features, dozens of bug fixes and usability improvements.  You can grab the latest live version from this URL:


      The updates include:

      • Support for e-commerce success events and products (SiteCatalyst for Flash)
      • Support for dynamic values for SiteCatalyst variables (SiteCatalyst for Flash)
      • Ability to test different landing pages (Test&Target for Flash)
      • Ability to vary text size and position across experiences (Test&Target for Flash)
      • Support for mbox’ing and creating offers for Drupal and Wordpress websites (Test&Target for Dreamweaver)



      You can see more details on the new features in the release notes for 1.1.



      Frequently asked questions:




      Q: Do I need to uninstall older versions of the extensions, if I want to install the new ones?

      A: No. You can simply download and double-click the new  extensions, Extensions Manager will guide you through the installation  process. Detailed steps are provided in the release notes.



      Q: Is it safe to use the extensions on a live project?

      A: Yes, the 1.1 version is "production quality", and it’s safe to use it on any of your current projects.



      Q: Is there any documentation on how to use the extensions?

      A: Yes, the user manuals have been updated to include  the new features. You can now access them from within the extension, by  clicking the (i) icon on each panel, or by following the links in the  right navigation of the download page.



      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.



      Thank you,


      Marius Zaharia | Adobe Systems