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    Capturing/saving Hi8


      I am running Hi8s through a DV camcorder and capturing/editing with Elements 8.1     What are the best settings

      for the capture?


      I also need help as to how to save the projects - I want to save them to an external drive at the best quality available.  (Some day I plan to make a blu-ray disc of all the videos combined.)   I read somewhere the best quality would be attained by not compressing the end result but the AVI options confuse me - there are lots of presets DVD NTSC Standard - Widescreen; Microsoft AVI; and uncompressed Microsoft AVI.   If I chose Microsoft AVI should I be selecting "None" in the advanced tab for the video codec then?  (Cinepak by Radius is the default for the Microsoft AVI...(?)


      Sorry for all the questions but I plan to delete all of my files once I get them edited and transfered to the external drive so I don't want to make any mistakes as I go along.  Thanks in advance!!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Your material will be NTSC, or PAL (depending on where you live and the camera's setting), 4:3 Standard. That would mean that say an NTSC Standard 4:3 would be the ultimate Project Preset to choose. Your tapes will then be Captured to DV-AVI Type II files w/ 48KHz 16-bit Audio.


          For Export/Share, the DV-AVI Type II w/ same audio settings, would be a good format/CODEC to choose. Those files will Import and edit fine, when you get back to them.


          Another option would be to get the Lagarith Lossless CODEC (free), install it, and use it. One limitation will be that if you "share" these AVI files with others, they will need the Lagarith CODEC too. Also, though PrE and PrPro can use the Lagarith, some other editing programs might not be able to do so.


          One warning should be regarding the final BD. You have SD material, and BD is HD. The quality of your SD material will definitely show up, especially if used with HD material. One option for that SD to HD conversion would be a program like Red Giant's Magic Bullet Instant HD. It does a pretty good job of creating pixels, where they did not exist.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Bill. If you're capturing via a pass-through on a miniDV camcorder connected to your computer by FireWire, you should not have to set up any capture settings.


            Your video should arrive (assuming you're capturing it with Premiere Elements, WinDV or MovieMaker) as AVIs using the DV codec. The DV codec is what your camcorder uses to save the files to your tape, so it should appear in your computer virtually identical to the original!