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    Sharing as WMV audio is only noise.


      I've used PREL 8 for several months with no problems.  I've done several projects and saved the share settings as Presets.  Everything worked fine.


      Now, when I render these same projects again, the audio files come out simply as noise.  The original audio is not heard, just a series of pops.


      No updates to Premier Elements have been applied between when it worked and now.  Of course many Microsoft XP automatic updates have been applied.


      I can Render the video as MPG or FLV and the audio is fine.  It just appears to be the Windows Media that has started to have a problem all of a sudden.


      I've experimented with different audio settings within the Windows Media but nothing seems to help.


      I've been searching to see if there has been a WMV codec update or anything that would cause this but I haven't found anything.

      Any help would be appreciated.  This is very frustrating.