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    Spark List ItemRenderer Question


      I have an ItemRenderer that has  4 states.

      normal, hovered, selected and another custom one called "opened".


      I have turned autoDrawbackground to false as I dont want to the default hover/selection colors to be used.


      On Hover - I am showing a tooltip - not really a tooltip but its basically a SkinnableContainer within the ItemRenderer with y position = "-20"  and on this SkinnableContainer I have got includeIn="hovered". So when the mouse is rolled over - this SkinnableContainer becomes visible.


      The other states (normal, selected and opened) all show a different image based on which state the user is in.


      The problem is - when I change the state from "normal" to "opened" or "selected" - the desired image comes up but this SkinnableContainer which is only in the "hovered" state stops showing up when I rollover the mouse.


      I understand whats going on here. But is there a way around this? I want the Custom Container to be displayed in all 3 states (normal, opened, selected) whenever the mouse is rollved over whichever image is being displayed.


      Any ideas?