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    CUDA Support

    JPM912 Level 1

      I just upgraded to Premiere CS5, mainly to take advantage of the new Mercury Engine and accelerate rendering of my videos.

      However, so far I have an ATI Radeon 4890 which is not CUDA compatible. In order to use Premiere full speed, I will change the GPU and buy NVidia.

      My question is, will the new Nvidia 470 (which has Cuda support) be compatible ?

      My system:

      - Asus motherboard with AMD Quadcore Phenom II 955 at 3.2 Ghz

      - 8 Gb DDR3 Corsair  RAM

      - several internal and external HD

      - Windows7 64

      If anybody has an answer, thanks in advance

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Yes, the 470 gives you the best bang-for-the-buck currently.


          Only change the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to include the line, without quotes:


          "GeForce GTX 470" and be aware of the capitalization and spacing.

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            JPM912 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer

            Just got the new GPU Geforce GTX 470 and installed it.


            Of course, it's not recognized when I update a Project Settings. That would be too easy!

            I tried to do what you had advised, found the .txt file and tried to update it with my GPU name.  However when I want to save the update I only get one answer : "access denied"

            Screen capture Cuda.JPG

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Workaround: copy the file to your desktop, edit, save and paste it back into the Adobe directory.


              Access denied means you have insufficient rights to access and modify the file. Usually you can modify all relevant files if you have Administrator rights and are logged on as such. If you don't, you have to modify your user account and in some cases even modify the Trusted Installer or Owner rights with inherited privileges from the C: drive.


              Warning: I don't recommend this unless you absolutely KNOW what you are doing!!!

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                > "access denied"


                That is a Windows issue... so search at http://search.microsoft.com/search.aspx?mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US

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                  JPM912 Level 1

                  You made my day!

                  Thanks to all of you.

                  Once again, the answer to a problem comes from the forum and not Adobe Customer Service which seems to be in the Limbo.

                  This morning I called the 1-800 number and talked to somebody, obviously in Bengalore... who could only read his screen and tell me that my issue was hopeless.

                  it'a a pity that Adobe makes great products and has such a poor, unefficient customer service.

                  I changed my Administrator rights and could immediately  amend the .txt file

                  Now the CUDA card is recognized and...   WOW!

                  The difference is really amazing, tried some transitions, no rendering at all. I'm sure I'll discover much more.

                  Happy that  I purchased the upgrade.

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                    PaulieDC Level 2

                    I just sold my 285 on Amazon ($300 for the curious) and now need a card FAST. So I just posted a question asking about the 470 and the MPE, and Viola, here you guys have all the info! in this post already! I just deleted my post and am ordering the 470. This forum is beyond helpful.

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                      Phil Griffith Level 2

                      don't  you mean "beyond help"


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                        PaulieDC Level 2

                        LOL! That's a given...



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                          JPM912 Level 1

                          Anyway, tonight it's total hapiness!

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                            PaulieDC Level 2

                            Yeah, Monday is for me, the 470 SC Fermi will be here direct from EVGA already, I just ordered it! Those guys ship QUICK, and were 25 bucks cheaper than Newegg/Amazon/etc, plus a rebate! Good time to buy.


                            It's funny, I borrowed a video card from work just so I'd have SOMETHING to use in the interim... it's a cheap $39 ATI with a heat sink and a few resistors, not much else. Surprisingly it drives my 1920x1200 monitor, but you should see "playback" of a 1080 HD clip in Quicktime! If I'm getting TWO FPS I'd be surprised. The thing barely draws a webpage.


                            If you ever want to appreciate what we all now have, try to run on a $39 card, and you will never complain about 300 bucks for a graphics card again.

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                              PaulieDC Level 2

                              Wow, this GTX470 is nuts, you guys were right, best card for the money right now! QUITE a noticable performance increase. My graphics score on the Windows 7 assessment went from 7.4 for the 285 to 7.7 for the 470. I know, I know, that score isn't all that useful, but at least it proves that Windows thinks I have more guns in the stockhouse.

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                                JPM912 Level 1

                                You lucky! I only get a Windows 7.6


                                What is your CPU? Intel or AMD.

                                I just upgraded to AMD 1090T hexa, working at 3.2 Mhz; everything is a minimum of 7.6 but the HD which rank at 5.9. I'll wait a bit more before I buy SSD.

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                                  PaulieDC Level 2

                                  Yeah, I get the same 5.9 on my hard drive too, no matter what I do... I've deleted any excess junk, defragged it, drilled a hole and squirted WD40 in there, you name it and I just can't get it past 5.9. That's just the hardware limitation, even with a 10K RPM Raptor.


                                  My processor is the old favorite, the i7 920. I also have 12GB of DDR1600 ram. However, I haven't overclocked anything yet, so the ram is actually running at 1066. I use a standard EVGA X58 mobo and the 470 of course. One of these days I need to sit down and figure out the OC thing. Harm has posted a guide on overclocking, just need to read it! My one concern is my cooler, it's not the best choice for the quad core i7, so if I OC I'll run kind of hot. Last year I did my build, my first one ever, and in any rookie situation you make choices that seem OK, then later you ask yourself why you did that, lol! For me the "DUH" move was the wrong cooler, I chose the Zalman 9700 because many people said they liked it. I didn't realize they meant for DUAL core processors. You might ask, "why not just change it", and the reason I'm avoiding that is because I had to buy a bracket to make the cooler fit onto the i7, and that bracket attaches from behind the mobo. So changing it means a total disassemble of the PC, just not ready for that yet!

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                                    JPM912 Level 1

                                    Yep, I understand that. Same for me, in a rookie situation last year assem

                                    bling my PC for the 1st time, and i'm happy i did it. Today,

                                    I removed the MB and all components to

                                    change the CPU cooler. I really did not want to do

                                    it but all in all, it took me  no more than 1 hr 1/2. Of course

                                    taking all pics before and mapping. Went for a Cool Master 212 Plus. So far, sounds great, CPU at 32ºC when idle and 40º working with Explorer. And silent. Believe me, it's worth doing it.