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    Scratchboard Tool in PS




      i just wanted to suggest a brush that i'm really missing in Photoshop and i think that i'm not the only one. It's called the Scratchboard Tool in Painter 11. Now this Brush has many advantages for sketching and painting. the main advantage is that it has a very large thickness range. so you can sketch out thin lines and if you press harder with a wacom tablett the lines become strongly thicker.

      If that is not possible then it would be nice if adobe increases the possible size dynamic on the brushes.

      just a suggestion from my side.

      keep it up Adobe, you're doing a great work .



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          Could you give us more information?


          What do you need to accomplish that you can't accomplish now?

          What specific aspects of the Painter tool are needed for your work?

          Can you give concrete examples?

          (remember, I have to explain this to managers, and other engineers).


          Photoshop's brush pressure radius range is already 2500 pixels to 1 (of course, most tablets don't have that much precision).

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            Hi Chris,


            thanks for replying.

            Firstly i can accomplish about everything with the current brushes i want, i just thought this could save out time in some cases.

            It's a very versatile Brush. i can better paint hard edges with a sharp ending.

            i can for example save time in sketching out differnt forms (mountains etc.) with sharp edges because i can widely vary my stroke with the thick to thin ability.Under my Post you see an example of the brush its all done with the same brush size. i sketch out a form (a silhouette) and then i fill it with color and i don't have to change the brush size.


            Oh and to the last point of you i unfortunately didn't express myself to clear. i didn't mean the brush size dynamic, i've meant the minimum and maximum diameter in one stroke should be bigger. Sorry for my english i've had to outline the brush ability somehow because i don't know the exact words in english.


            Maybe you know ryan church the digital painter he made concept art for games like dead space and so on. he uses this brush all the time. like i said this brush could save out time in some cases. maybe you could implent it in future releases. just my suggestion. thanks again.

            Scratchboard tool.JPG

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              Thanks, that helps clarify the request a bit.