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    multiple selection but delete single item



      please help me to find a solution!!

      I have 2 listboxes. listbox Description is populated by XML.

      When user selects multiple items at the same time from the Description listbox, they are populated in the listbox and are removed from Description listbox. that works fine.


      But the issue is if the user accidently selects one of the multiple selected items at the same time wrong and want to delete a single items, this doesnt work anymore.


      I can not even click on each single item.


      I try to find a way how to enable user to populate multiple items at the same time and be able to delete each single item, which then should return back to the Description listbox.


      I would really appreciate if you could help me on this!!!


      This is my sample: https://acrobat.com/#d=l0mujTOFduSJFele5R5i3g